Our company was founded in April / 1948. We initially started the final process to produce tea. We were directly supplied from the tea farmers in Uji (Kyoto) drying tea leaves .By doing this our reputation was raised among end-users for our fine quality of tea. Since we established a branch in Tokyo area on 1982, we came to know the Kawane Tea which is highest quality among Shizuoka Teas, and is famous in addition to Uji.

There are many tea producing areas in Japan, however we selectively pick the teas from the Kyoto (Uji), Shizuoka (Kawane, Mori, Kakegawa), and the and Fukuoka (Yame)brands which are known as hight quality and fine taste. All of our products have been carefully inspected by professionals .

We select teas with professional eyes for our customers. Japanese tea certified appraiser is in our company who is one of the only two female Appraisers in Japan (as of 3/2014).We
serve to customer with sincere and faithfull mind with trust.
Our delivery date is correct so that we also get trust from a customers.

Our commitment:

1. Product Development.

Based on the requirement of customers, we develop best teas by selecting at most teas out of variety of teas in Japan.

2. Quality First.

In order to deliver our products in perfect condition, we carefully choose the storage and packaging materials to preserve the delicate quality of our tea.

3. Only great teas.

Our teas are carefully selected by the certified Japanese tea appraiser in house.

4. Delivery

We ship timely by managing inventory with analysis of the market requirement.

5. Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Our most important policy is to satisfy customers by great teas with best quality and by respect mind to customer.

Company Profile

Company name KANROEN CO.,LTD.
Company Logo
President Seisuke Tamura
Establishment April 1948
Adress 3-2-10 Hama Amagasaki Hyogo Japan 661-0967
URL http://www.kanroen.com/en/
TEL +81-6-6499-4431
FAX +81-6-6499-4511
e-mail ocha@kanroen.com
product Japanese-tea(Gyokuro,Sencha,Maccha,Brownrice-tea,Powder-tea)
Proffetional Use maccha、Green-tea, Japanese-tea Gift product,
Herb tea(mix-cha, komachi), Barley tea, Oolong tea,
Soap of greentea

About components of Japanese tea

Tanninn Tannin is a element of bitterness taste. Tea leaf has 4 kind of tannin which occupied 25% of tea components. There are 70~120mg tannin in one cup of tea.
Potassium Potassium is a one of the essential minerals. Potassium excretes extra salt.
Caffein Caffein is to make bitter taste of tea. It is one of the mineral of tea.
Japanese tea's caffein effect mildly with teanin.
TEANIN  Teanin make tea sweet & delicious
Vitamin A,C,E Japanese tea containes Vitamin A & C & E.
Vitamin C of Japanese Tea is effective even in hot water.

Introducing one of our sutaff.

Chika Tamura

Japanese tea Instructor leader.
Japanese tea certified appraiser .
(only two women’s certified appraiser in Japan)
Tea celemony Urasenke associate Instractor.

Japanese tea ceremony tea-serving manner